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Best Place for Lunch in Beverly

Best Place For Lunch In Beverly

Exquisite Italian-inspired recipes, made-from-scratch cuisine, and a unique open-kitchen atmosphere make Evviva Cucina the best place for lunch in Beverly. For many hungry patrons, Evviva Cucina is the ideal bar and kitchen. Serving one-of-a-kind Italian dishes with locally sourced ingredients, artisan-style salads and sandwiches, award-winning desserts, and a long list of craft beers, wines, and specialty cocktails, you’re sure to fall in love with our menu for lunch and dinner. View it online to see what dishes make your mouth water!

Making You Love Lunch in Beverly

Evviva Cucina may be the best place for lunch in Beverly because we don’t believe lunch should be a tie-over dish between breakfast and dinner. It should be the highlight of your day – the ideal meal at the heart of your daily routine. Breakfast might be the most important meal of the day, but nutrition experts say lunch should be your largest. Eating a sizeable meal in the middle of the day can help your body process sugars better. Come to Evviva Cucina for exquisite lunchtime cuisine to keep you energized and performing your best throughout the day.

Our extensive menu offers classic Italian dishes, Italian-inspired culinary innovations, sandwiches, salads, appetizers, and desserts. We spent time and paid careful attention to each dish on our menu, combining traditional cooking methods with creative new ideas for explosions of flavor in every bite. Here are a few of our most popular menu options:

  • Buffalo Chicken Pizza. Roasted chicken rolled in chili pepper sauce, along with mixed blend cheese, scallion cream, and crispy carrots. Baked to perfection in our wood stone pizza oven. Each bite of this pizza tastes like buffalo chicken dipped in sauce!
  • Build Your Own Pizza. For $12 or $16, depending on style, you can build your own pie while dining at the best place for lunch in Beverly. We have four sauces, seven cheeses, a dozen veggies, and several protein options to customize your artisan pizza.
  • Nonna’s Meatballs. House-made meatballs with marinara sauce, hand-dipped ricotta, pesto, and a side of grilled bread make this sharable lunchtime appetizer a fan favorite. Just like Nonna used to make – but (dare we say it) even better!
  • Piada Tacos. Try one of three piada taco options – handmade roasted local mushroom with fontina, smoked gouda, herb blend, and a truffled potato crunch (vegetarian); braised boar with rum-cherry sauce, leeks, and mint; or Calabrian shrimp.
  • Chicken Parm Sandwich. Our take on a dinner favorite, the Chicken Parm Sandwich is a local-time staple, helping make us the best place for lunch in Beverly. Homemade marinara, Evviva Cucina’s special cheese blend, pesto, and ciabatta on a bun, served with our house-made truffled potato chips.

Whether you’re craving a vegetarian Margherita Pizza, Woodstone Wings with Calabrian sweet chili sauce, the Steak and Gorgonzola salad, or the Braised Boar Piada Taco, we have it here at Evviva Cucina. The name of our restaurant translates to “Cheer the kitchen,” and that’s our goal – to make you cheer for food. We’re confident our outstanding menu will make you love lunch again.

Best Place for Lunch in Beverly for Responsible, Sustainable Food

When you read our story, you’ll find the creators of Evviva Cucina wanted to accomplish scratch-made home cooking with locally sourced ingredients at affordable prices. We make this possible by creating dishes with seasonal ingredients year-round. That way, we can support local farmers and the economy with produce and meats that are in season. We don’t import ingredients from farms and factories halfway across the country, which means our food is more affordable, healthier, and more sustainable than other restaurants.

Nick Harron, general managing partner of Evviva Cucina, researched the best ingredients recipes, and cooking techniques to bring Massachusetts unparalleled Italian-inspired foods. He found that a chef must place the highest priority on the quality of ingredients. Together with Executive Chef Anthony De Palma, winner of the 2013 “Chef Wanted With Anne Burrell” premiere on Food Network, Harron created a menu that relies on goods from local farms, striving to be the best place for lunch in Beverly. For example, Evviva Cucina gets cheese from Vermont Creamery and gluten-free bread from Annie’s Bakery in Shirley, Massachusetts. Evviva Cucina has a sustainable, responsible, and environmentally conscious kitchen.

When you bite into an Evviva Cucina dish, rest assured you’re getting the freshest local ingredients at the best place for lunch in Beverly. We cater to vegetarian and gluten-free customers looking for the best lunch in Beverly, offering options such as the Evviva and Caesar salads, and Margherita and Athena pizzas. We cook our gluten-free dishes on special gluten-free pans, so you know the food is safe for those with allergies. We also serve gluten-free craft beers from Omission and Red Bridge breweries.

Fun and Friendly Place for Lunch in Beverly

People come to Evviva Cucina for its creative, relaxing, and social vibes. The founders of Evviva Cucina wanted to cater to the modern restaurant guest, so they added details of sophistication and convenience such as a strong online ordering system, market-like grab-and-go section, and a fast and easy takeout process. If you want to unwind during your lunch break outside the office or grab a bite during a family lunch date, Evviva Cucina is the best place for lunch in Beverly.

Harron and his business partner, Robert Walker, set out to create a scalable restaurant concept that speaks to patrons. They accomplished this by focusing on the customer. With an open, cavern-style layout, comfortable seating at the bar and in the dining area, entertainment via 80-inch televisions, and exceptional customer service, Evviva Cucina satisfies everyone. We welcome guests with our affordable dishes, vegetarian/gluten-free options, and our kids’ menu.

Our restaurant is upbeat and social – an atmosphere that makes you feel right at home from the moment you walk in the door. We want you to feel comfortable in our kitchen, making it your own with favorite meal choices and drink options. Our staff is here to accommodate your needs with friendly, caring answers to questions and menu recommendations. To set up a reservation for yourself, a small party, group event, or business meeting at the best place for lunch in Beverly, you can make a reservation online or call (978) 998-4950.

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