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Best Pizza in Groton, MA

Best Pizza in Groton MA

For the best pizza in Groton, MA, come by Evviva Cucina. We’re open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner at 7 Cornerstone Square in Westford, MA. Created by Executive Chef, Anthony DePalma, our pizza menu offers a variety of regional Naples inspired pizza with a tasty modern twist. With every element hand selected and well thought out, our scratch made pizzas are sure to delight your taste buds and satisfy even the greatest craving for a delicious piece of pizza. Baked to a blistering perfection in our American made wood stone oven, our fantastic array of pizzas radiate the smell of a home cooked meal throughout our open, modern dining room. Whether you choose to enjoy food and drink at our 32-top bar, or in our spacious dining area, you can enjoy watching our professional pizzaiolos hand stretching and tossing our homemade dough throughout your meal.

Watching our pizza chefs on a busy night is like watching a well-oiled machine at work. Each motion is necessary to keep our highly sought after pizza dishes going into, and coming out of, our wood stone oven perfectly.

Attention to Detail Makes Our Pizza the Best Pizza in Groton, MA

For Chef DePalma, the attention to detail that was dedicated to creating a truly perfect pizza started with the dough. Chef DePalma chose to use handpicked pizza flour found only in Naples. Our special pizza flour is known for its elastic gluten and soft starch, which when softly turned and hand stretched daily, creates a crust that is light and airy, and cooks to a perfect crunch. If you still don’t believe we serve up the best pizza in Groton, MA, wait until you hear about our sauce, which is made from the finest tomatoes, grown only in the rich-soiled valleys of Mount Vesuvius. This hand-crushed sauce is slightly sweet and compliments the airy texture and delicious flavors of our unbeatable crust. For the cheese, what is (according to many) the most important part of the pizza, we use hand stretched, homemade mozzarella, made from fresh, local Maplebrook Curd found in Bennington, VT. Chef DePalma personally makes all of our mozzarella, which is creamy and has a slightly salty finish. Whether you choose to create your own pizza made up of our fresh, local ingredients and toppings, or you choose one of our unique signature dishes, we are certain when you try an Evviva Cucina pizza, you will agree that it is the best pizza in Groton, MA.

Two Styles that Both Make for the Best Pizza in Groton, MA

Here at Evviva Cucina, we offer two styles of pizza; both inspired by the pizza capital of the world, Naples. First we offer the better know, Neopolitan style, in crispy, airy, or thin. Our pizza chefs create a Neopolitan style crust by hand stretching the dough until it is the perfect size for your order and then bake it to a golden finish. Next, we offer a lesser-known style of pizza, which is often seen at Naples festivals and celebrations. This style is call La Montanara, and is perfect for anyone who enjoys sweetness with his or her pizza dough. Hand stretched and lightly oiled, this dough is flash fried and served fried, light, or sweet. For the most variety and best pizza in Groton, MA, come to Evviva Cucina.

We Offer the Best Pizza with Gluten-Free Dough

If you have a gluten allergy or intolerance, don’t feel that you have to miss out! We offer a gluten-free, individual sized pizza dough crust that is great with all of our original creations. To make a reservation, call us today at (978) 692-9050. When it comes to the best pizza in Groton, MA, Evviva Cucina is hands-down the restaurant to visit.

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