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Best Chicken Parm in Hamilton

Best Chicken Parm in Hamilton

Evviva Cucina is proud to serve the best Chicken Parm in Hamilton. Our dedication to maintaining the use of simplistic ingredients and bold flavors of classic Italian-American dishes shines through in this cultural staple. At the same time, our diners can taste the Evviva Cucina difference – the bit of pizzazz that sets us apart from other Italian-inspired eateries in the area. Our Chicken Parm Sandwich and pasta dinner are two of the most popular items on our menu. See what else we have to offer.

What Makes Our Chicken Parm so Incredible?

Like any good Italian cook, the chefs at Evviva Cucina hold tight to our secret recipes. However, we can release details about how we make our dishes so delectable. When it comes to the best Chicken Parm in Hamilton, the staple ingredients haven’t changed – chicken, breadcrumbs, cheese, and marinara sauce. It’s how the cook prepares these ingredients that makes the difference. Here’s how we set our Chicken Parm recipes apart from the crowd:

  • Juicy roasted chicken (free range when possible)
  • Crunchy breadcrumbs with our special herb blend
  • House-made marinara sauce
  • Local Vermont Creamery blended cheese
  • Evviva Cucina pesto spread and a fresh ciabatta bun (for the sandwich)
  • Specially made tagliatelle pasta (for the traditional Chicken Parm)
  • Whipped ricotta cheese

Every step of the way, our chefs take great care in how we create the best Chicken Parm in Hamilton. Scratch-made recipes, fresh and locally sourced ingredients, and strict attention to detail lead to a meal that’s more a masterpiece than your typical lunch or dinner. Much of our success rests in the baking process – our special wood stone ovens cook our Chicken Parm to perfection. We bake the dish just enough to make the chicken crispy yet juicy, the cheese is melted just right, and the marinara sauce is piping hot for optimal taste. Our Chicken Parm creations will tantalize your senses and leave you wanting more.

Warm, Saucy Chicken Parm in Hamilton

Whether Chicken Parm is an old favorite or if you want to try this classic Italian-American dish for the first time, Evviva Cucina is the place to go. Since our start years ago, we’ve worked hard to perfect our original recipes. Nick Harron, the general managing partner, wanted Evviva Cucina to be the go-to destination for delicious and unique Italian-inspired cuisine. Years later, our bar and kitchen is achieving this goal as a prime spot for the best Chicken Parm in Hamilton and beyond. Meet our team!

Don’t satisfy your craving for great chicken parm just anywhere. Come to Evviva Cucina for a lunch or dinner you’ll never forget. Come on your own, invite friends and family, or bring a large group – we have space for private dining and special occasions. Learn more about group dining and catering with Evviva Cucina. Our team can accommodate your needs and desires for Italian-inspired dining throughout Massachusetts, including stellar Chicken Parm. Stop by Evviva Cucina today or dial (978) 998-4950 to make a reservation for the best Chicken Parm in Hamilton.

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