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Best Pizza in Ipswich

Best Pizza in Ipswich

Find the best pizza in Ipswich right up the road at your local bar and pizza kitchen – Evviva Cucina. The founders of Evviva Cucina envisioned creating a pizza bar with the tastiest, highest-quality pies in town. The experience at our restaurant, however, manages to exceed the founders’ highest hopes. With locally sourced pizza ingredients and toppings, exquisite recipes made from scratch in our kitchen, and an exciting pizza kitchen atmosphere, Evviva Cucina has a whole lot to offer hungry diners. Visit us next time you get a hankering for outstanding pizza for dine in, take out, or catering.

Wide Variety of Gourmet Pizzas in Ipswich

From traditional pepperoni and cheese to unique pizza creations, the chefs at Evviva Cucina can do it all. We pride ourselves on creating the best pizza in Ipswich and throughout Massachusetts, continually coming up with innovative ideas and new recipes. Check out our current Pizza of the Week Special! We mastered the art and science of the perfect pizza and know how to make every bite burst with flavor. Furthermore, our creative and unique recipes bring customers back again and again to experiment with different tastes.

Whether you have your heart set on a regular pie or you want to expand your horizons and try one of our special selections – like our Brussels Sprouts pizza with white sauce, red onion, and applewood-smoked bacon – we can deliver. We’ll create a small or large pie depending on the distinct style you select. Here are the main differences between our two styles:

  • Traditional Neapolitan style, or Evvivapolitan. We make the dough for these regular-sized pies using highly refined Caputo 00 flour. This lets the dough rise naturally. Then our pizza chefs hand stretch the dough, place the toppings, and blister it in the wood stone pizza oven. Neapolitan style pizza is large, light, crispy, and slightly charred from the oven.
  • La Montanara. This old-fashioned style is rarely found in the U.S. It is a popular festival food in Naples, Italy. First, we hand stretch the dough. Then we flash fry it. This is where our pizzaiolos spin and toss the dough so it barely touches the surface of the hot oil. This process imparts an airy and faintly sweet quality to the dough before baking.
  • The fact that customers credit Evviva Cucina with the best pizza in Ipswich is largely due to the care we put into making the crust. The crust of most pizzas goes largely underestimated, with far too little time spent on perfecting the tossing and baking processes. Evviva Cucina’s chefs understand the importance of getting the crust right before building the rest of the pizza.

Best Build Your Own Pizzas in Ipswich

If none of our delectable specialty pizzas appeal to your senses, we offer a Build Your Own Pizza bar option. Select the style, sauce, cheese, veggies, and protein to create the exact pizza you’re craving! We offer a kids’ menu version of the Build Your Own Pizza, too. If pizza is on your mind, take the first step toward eating the best pizza in Ipswich – call Evviva Cucina at (978) 998-4950 and make a reservation.

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