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Craft Beer in Ipswich

Craft Beer in Ipswich

There are several reasons to seek out craft beer in Ipswich, but Evviva Cucina’s extensive craft beer menu should be at the top of your list. We’re always incorporating new beers from local and microbreweries in our bar, building our menu and educating our customers on the breweries, producers, and artisans in the area that provide our beers. View our current drink menu. Drinking craft beer gives you the chance to experiment with new tastes, flavors, and food pairings. There is no better setting to enjoy a new or old favorite craft beer than at Evviva Cucina – where we make food to cheer!

Craft Beers in Ipswich You’ll Find at Evviva Cucina

At Evviva Cucina, we’re passionate about supporting small businesses and local producers. Alcohol is no exception. We source locally whenever possible, and invest in business and breweries we believe in. We keep 16 beers on tap, 14 bottles, and six cans on the menu – many of which qualify as craft beers. Beer connoisseurs disagree on the exact definition of a craft beer, but, in general, it is one that comes from a small brewery that does not use mechanized brewing methods.

As a responsible and sustainable business, we routinely rotate our selection of craft beer in Ipswich. This benefits the customer because there is always something new to try! It helps us keep costs down and suppliers happy. We love making connections with new brewers and offering them a partnership with Evviva Cucina. At the moment, we offer these craft beers:

  • Allagash White
  • Banded Horn Jolly Woodsman Coffee Stout
  • Banded Horn Veridian IPA
  • Bantam the Americain
  • Glutenberg Pale Ale
  • Glutenberg Red Ale
  • Jacks Abby Saxony Lager
  • Jacks Abby Wicked Philthy
  • Merrimack Ales Coffee Stout
  • Merrimack Ales Horror Show IPA
  • Omission Pale Ale (gluten free)
  • Oxbow Bowie
  • Oxbow Continental
  • Oxbow Domestic IPA
  • Oxbow Farmhouse Pale Ale
  • Red Bridge (gluten free)
  • SingleCut Mo’ Shuggie Soulbender IPA

Check out our menu or contact us to inquire about our current list of craft beer in Ipswich. We keep an expansive variety of types, styles, and flavors available to please any palate. Whether you classify yourself as a beer snob or a universal drinker, Evviva Cucina is the bar and kitchen for you.

Tasty Italian-Inspired Pairings with Craft Beer in Ipswich

What used to be an arena for only wine pairings now encompasses the world of beer – and the results are delicious. Food is often the best way to fully appreciate the taste, feel, and flavors of a craft beer. In Ipswich, there is no better place to go for outstanding Italian-inspired food and craft beer pairings than Evviva Cucina. Bookmark our online menu! We know exactly what craft beer will set off the flavors in your gourmet pizza, and vice versa.

When you want to relax in a comfortable environment, snack on delicious house-made foods, and enjoy your choice between dozens of refreshing craft beers, come to Evviva Cucina. Reservations aren’t mandatory, but we recommend them to shorten wait time. Call (978) 998-4950 to reserve your seat, and enjoy the best craft beer in Ipswich.

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