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Best Pizza in Wenham

Best Pizza In Wenham

On the hunt for the best pizza in Wenham? Evviva Cucina makes it a priority to provide pizzas that exceed all expectations of this classic Italian–American dish. Our pizzas are more than what they seem on the outside – they are an expression of our passion for the culinary arts, our history with authentic Italian cooking, and our desire to create the best pizza Wenham has to offer. The pizzas at Evviva Cucina are a cultivation of fresh, locally sourced ingredients, outstanding recipes, and tried-and-true cooking techniques. One bite of our pizza and you’ll understand our name – “Cheer the kitchen!”

Talented Chef Making The Best Pizza in Wenham

It takes a special kind of restaurant to earn the title of best pizza in Wenham. Evviva Cucina is unlike any Italian restaurant you’ll ever visit. We don’t do things the traditional way – we put our special twist on classic Italian dishes. Executive Chef Anthony De Palma, winner of Food Network’s 2013 “Chef Wanted With Anne Burrell,” grew up in southern Italy and explored the culinary arts of Asia and India. His unique perspective and passion for the simple delights of Italian cooking make him the best candidate to create outstanding pizza masterpieces. Meet the rest of our team.

Take our signature Sausage & Lemon pizza – no ordinary chef would think to combine the bold flavors of sausage and zesty lemon, but De Palma recognized its potential. This pie boasts genuine Italian olive oil, mozzarella and smoked Gouda cheeses, fresh basil, Bianco sausage, and tangy lemon wheels. An outstanding and unique combination that will tantalize your taste buds.

We source our sausage from Bianco & Sons, Inc., a local producer that operates out of Medford, Mass. We buy as many ingredients and products as possible from local farms and shops to keep Evviva Cucina sustainable, responsible, and invested in the local economy. Yet we only partake in items that are in season – making it possible to keep our costs affordable. This is how we appeal to families and individuals who are looking for the best pizza in Wenham at a reasonable price. View the menu to get an idea of our pricing.

What Makes Evviva Cucina’s the Best Pizza in Wenham?

Evviva Cucina goes beyond the ordinary and into the extraordinary to earn the distinction as having the best pizza in Wenham. Here’s why people flock to our bar and kitchen for pizza, pasta, and other Italian-inspired creations:

  • Mouth-watering pizza innovations. White sauce, Vermont cheddar, sliced potatoes, applewood-smoked bacon, scallion crema (the Patata)…chili pepper sauce, roasted chicken, cheese blend, scallion crema, crispy carrots (Buffalo Chicken)…you get the picture. Our pizzas are culinary masterpieces waiting to be eaten. All our specialty pies are surprising blends of flavors and textures, coming together perfectly to create a perfect pie.
  • Vegetarian options. No meat? No problem. Our veggie pies are testaments to what the flavors of a meatless pizza should strive for. Try the Margherita pizza with tomato sauce, mozzarella, fresh basil, and Romano cheese, or the Athena with white sauce, feta, our Evviva Cucina cheese blend, banana peppers, red onion, tomatoes, arugula, and lemon vinaigrette.
  • Gluten-free selections. All our pizzas are also available on Annie’s 12-inch gluten-free pizza crusts that are cooked on designated gluten-free pans. All gluten-free products are sourced from Annie’s Bakery in Shirley, Mass. Ask your server for details.
  • Age-old Italian baking methods. Read our “Tale of Two Pizzas.” We serve the best pizza in Wenham in two distinct styles: traditional Neapolitan, known the Evvivapolitan at Evviva Cucina, and La Montanara. What makes each one special is how we create and bake the dough. The Evvivapolitan is crafted by slowly mixing dough made using highly refined Caputo 00 flour. It is then baked and blistered in our wood stone pizza oven. The resulting dough is light, crispy, and faintly charred. We toss La Montanara dough close to the surface of hot oil, hand stretching and flash frying it.
  • Build your own pizzas. Build your own pie, selecting from four sauces (tomato, scampi cream, pesto, and Evviva BBQ), seven cheeses (including Vermont cheddar, goat cheese, feta, and Gorgonzola), a dozen veggies, and a variety of protein options (bacon, anchovies, pepperoni, sausage, roasted chicken, or meatballs). Add on extras like wild shrimp or salami for a nominal fee.
  • The finishing touches. We don’t just make the best pizza in Wenham and send guests on their way – we invite them to stay and make themselves at home in our kitchen. Our warm, welcoming atmosphere, social pub environment, and superb food and drink will have you coming back to Evviva Cucina again and again. Our unique atmosphere is a major part of our standout success throughout Massachusetts.

Evviva Cucina takes pizza seriously. Whether you’re craving a delectable take on old-fashioned pepperoni pizza or want to try something new, find what you’re looking for at our contemporary bar and kitchen. Come watch our pizzaiolos hand toss your dough, place your toppings with care, and bake your pizza to perfection right in front of your eyes. Our open-concept kitchen puts the wood stone pizza oven on display – giving you and your family entertainment while you wait for the best pizza in Wenham to be delivered to your table.

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