Our Story


An appreciation for the finer things in life, the hard work it takes to create
them and the commitment to share them with others was the foundation for Evviva Cucina. 

Our focus was the kitchen, the gathering area for friends and family to experience
the Chef’s scratch-made, regional Italian dishes. Designed to make
our bustling kitchen the show, allowing our guests to interact and appreciate the skill
and dedication shown by our kitchen team. This unique atmosphere proves a worthy setting for your culinary tour through Italy.

Our dedication to scratch-made cooking is only matched by our passion for making it available to a wide range of guests. It was our belief that quality Food and Drink should be priced so that all can experience it’s greatness. We believe that we have created a formula that will have all our guest’s saying Evviva per la Cucina.


Nick Harron 

General Managing Partner

As the son of a restaurateur, Nick’s interest in the business developed at an early age. Immediately drawn to the fast paced environment, Nick found himself working after school and during the summer in a number of different restaurants.

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Working from the ground up, from dishwasher to line cook, from host to bartender, Nick saw the importance of each individual as a part of the whole team. It was this dedication to learning and appreciating the importance of every aspect of the business that his father, instilled in him. It was this continuous drive to learn something new that took him out of the restaurant business and sent him off to college.

While attending Rollins College, in Florida Nick was able to study Political Science; still to this day a strong interest of his. During his time at Rollins, Nick had the opportunity to travel to Florence, Italy for a semester abroad. Here he was able to immerse himself in the culture, the cuisine, and a little bit of fun as well. This trip has left a lasting impression on his life, when he recently married his wife Kara, whom he met during his trip. Upon his return to the states, Nick finished his degree at Rollins and returned home to Massachusetts to begin his next adventure.

He returned to his original passion, the restaurant business. Nick worked for Burtons Grill in Andover as a Line Cook, Bartender, and Server. Through these experiences he was able to further his knowledge and appreciation of hospitality and the business side of his work. The next step was to grow and take on more responsibility with Burtons Grill and when approached to jump into management, Nick seized the opportunity and ran with it. Upon completing his training, Nick was transferred to the Hingham location to serve as their Sous Chef. Nick established an excellent reputation with staff and guests and was given the opportunity to become the Executive Chef. He then was able to take on even more responsibility, controlling the Beverage program and running the dining room at the Nashua location. He also developed new menu items and recipes for Burtons Grill. It was this drive and initiative that lead him to the creation of Evviva Cucina.

The goal was to create something unique and special, a Modern Italian Kitchen and Bar with an emphasis of scratch cooking, seasonal ingredients, while remaining reasonably priced. The atmosphere would be fun and the people would be champions of hospitality.

Danny Azzarello

Director of Operations

Danny Azzarello began his restaurant career at a young age of 15.  He began managing back of the house operations for Outback Steakhouse in 2001 and worked in multiple units all over the Northeast Region.

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In 2006, he continued his culinary education by taking a position with The Cheesecake Factory as Executive Chef of the Burlington, MA location.  Danny helped the restaurant achieve the highest sales in the Northeast territory during that time, exceeding revenue of $18 million the first year.

In 2007, Danny was offered an Executive Chef position with Burtons Grill, a Massachusetts based restaurant group, where he was instrumental in the increase of sales in three different locations during the early years of the company’s inception.  Danny was eventually named Director of Culinary Operations in 2010. Danny had direct influence in the creation of menus, major purchasing decisions, training of new management and overall management of the culinary operations of the business, which he helped grow to 14 locations and a new concept, Red Heat Tavern.  He was in charge of opening eight new Burtons Grill locations in four different states during his time to help bring the company to over $40 million dollars in revenue.

His immeasurable success with Burtons’ qualified him for the Director of Operations position at Evviva Cucina. He made the switch to Evviva in October of 2015. Danny currently oversees food and beverage development, creates and maintains operational procedures that are held to the highest standards in the industry and works closely with employee development and training.

As if Danny isn’t already busy enough – he and his wife, Emma, recently welcomed a baby boy named Dean.